SKYSCRAPPER : The Rock an Ex-Army Man who got injured in a hostage rescue operation,  later on starts his own Security Company. He has a small family with two children and a Military Doc wife.

But the story revolves like a moon around a SKYSCAPPER called ” The PEARL”.the-pearl-skyscraper-movie-dwayne-johnson_dezeen_hero-852x479
The Pearl is an extraordinary skyscraper (not real 😉 situated in HONGKONG. Jiske samne Burj Khalifa (real) bhi nanha munna lagta hai. And height of The Pearl is not only feature of this building there are lots of mind blowing unique features of this building which you can see in the movie for sure.
So this 9th wonder of the world building already has high-tech  security system but still it requires some one to look after this system hence a friend (ex army team member of The rock ) fix his meeting with the owner of the building . And everybody knows that rock will get this job.
But as soon as he gets this job things changes quickly and there are bad guys everywhere who are against The pearl, The rock and his family. Even though he is shown disabled in the movie but still  he tackles all the obstacles with courage which can be seen with large amount of CGI effects in the movie.
The story do have some thrilling moments and action sequences but still sometimes it feels  stretched like  chewing gum but the performance of Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) covers up such lagging parts.
Over all the movie is watchable.
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