X-men :Apocalypse is 9th installment in the X-Men franchise. First  X-Men movie was released  in 2000, and aaj 2016 chal raha hai  so zara revise Kara du aapko  first  prequel  X-Men :First Class (2011) was set in 1962 during Cuban missile crisis, this movie told us about the relation of  Prof X and Magneto  and the  origin of the groups X-MEN (ache mutants)led by Prof X  and  Brotherhood of Mutants (badmash mutants) led by Magneto.

X-Men :Apocalypse which  starts in  ancient  Egypt  with Duniya ka sabse pehla Mutant (sare mutants ka papa ) Apocalypse a.k.a. En Sabah Nur. Humans were forced to worship En Sabah Nur but they betrayed  and buried him alive under  his pyramid.
The Super Villain awakes in 1983  and us waqt Magneto Ek aam aadmi ki zindagi bita raha hota hai and professor apna X men school me busy hota hai. Pher En Sabah Nur jo ki Duniya ka end karne nikal ta hai wo kese X-Men  and magneto ka use karta hai and whether any one stops him?? Yeich questions k answer ke liye you have to watch the movie.
This movie like  X-Men First class tells a lot about the past of  different characters  of the  X-Men series .Starting few minutes  will remind  you about The Mummy Returns.

So overall movie is a lot of story and substance  and comparatively lesser action. So don’t expect long action sequences, and if you  want that then better watch  Captain America : Civil War.



X-men jabra fans will LIKE it.

Pass :

An avg Hollywood action movie fan will get  a bit  bored.

Ek aam Bollywood movie fan should avoid it.




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