DEADPOOL world’s famous Anti Hero , is coming soon in sequel DEADPOOL2 on 18th May 2018.


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Finally a Bollywood actor is finalized to dub DEADPOOL in HINDI. Any guess who is selected for his dubbing?? he is none another than

Mr Ranveer Singh.

I guess Kafi soch samjh kar he Ranveer Singh ko choose kiya hai is dubbing ke liye.  But esa kya dekha hoga producers ne ki Ranveer ko he final kiya ???


ranveer-singh-talks-about-his-bad-dressing-choices-fashion-sense-know-why-21-1450681677 Ranveer-Singh-condom-dress RANVEER 4632232762634997997_Mid czzh4siuoaaupu7



so here is the HINDI trailer of DEADPOOL 2  with RANVEER SINGH’s voice for DEADPOOL





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